Were VS Where

Difference Between Were VS Where

All the languages have words that can easily an individual make confused. In It, there are also so many words that can easily make one confused. Some words are similar in meaning, some are the same in pronunciation, some are similar in spelling but the meaning is different. Here, we will talk about two words which are almost the same in pronunciation and as well as spelling but both words are different.

A native speaker can easily understand the way of pronunciation but the non-native may take time to distinguish between both were and Where. Looking almost the same and do not know the difference, we commit mistakes in writing. I hope at the end of this article you will fully understand the difference between both. To Get your confusion cleared read further.

In both words if you notice in “were and Where” In “where” only “H” is adding but almost the same spelling.

Both words belong to different word classes.

What is “were”?

Were VS Where

It is the past form of the verb and its present form is” Are “and its singular is ’Is’ and its past singular is “Was” somewhere, these are called be forms such as “they were doctors” and somewhere, they are called helping words such as “They were cooking food” and so on.

Examples of Be- form

  • They were in Karachi
  • You were a doctor 
  • We were not smart
  • Were we intelligent?

Example of helping verb

  • They were playing cricket
  • We were not memorizing lessons?
  • Were we cooking food?
  • Were Ali and Danish making us fool?

With whom we can use were?

Pronoun “you, they, we” and with the noun “Any two names or things”.

With Conditional Sentences

“Were” is also used when talking about an imaginary or unrealistic situation in conditional statements even with a singular subject. For example,

  • If the party were on Sunday, I would come. 
  • If Ali were King, he would help all poor. 
  • If doctors were in the hospital, they could save the life of the patient.

WITH Optative sentences

These are the wishes sentences. In this, we express our wishes or hopes.

 For examples

  • I wish I were Rich.
  • He wishes he were the owner of the food company.
  • I wish I were taller than Mubeen.

Note: we cannot use was in it. If we use, the sentence will be wrong.

What is where?

Difference Between Were VS Where

“Where” is actually an adverb and its meaning “in which place” or “to which place.”. It is also called the question word. It is used for asking the place or location of something or someone.

For example

  • Where are you going?
  • Where had they gone?
  • Where does Ali go?
  • Where were you yesterday?

Use as a conjunction “where”?

It is also used as a conjunction for joining two sentences.

For example

  • I cook food where Salma cooks.
  • My brother is going where you used to go.
  • Salman will go where you want. 
  • Ali will drive a car where Ali drives.

Pronunciation of both words

If we talk about the pronunciation of both words. Both are pronounced differently. in “were” after w “e” is silent and after “R” there is only a little stress on “E” and when you pronounce where in it. After “W” There is stress on “H” and “E”.

Where Were
Rhymes with “hair”.Rhymes with “Stir”.
Functions as an adverb, conjunction, and pronoun.Functions as a verb (past tense of “be”) and is used for plural subjects and in imaginary conditional statements.
where' utilizes the 'long e' worry with a delicate 'h' sound toward the beginning.Were' is articulated utilizing the schwa sound.

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