Difference Between Smart Vs Intelligent

The Differences Between Smart Vs Intelligent

In English, most of the words confuse the person what does it means. Some Words have the same meaning. But tell something different. Here, it is the same case like Smart and intelligent have the same meaning but different used. Both are the adjective.

Smart tells about the person who takes the right decision on any issue Smart is used on the learned inferences, such as making smart business and on an emotional decision. We become smart after reading books and getting experience of life when we grip the subject then we called book smart or street smart demands efforts and full consideration. As much we will have, we will become smart.

Before understanding the meaning of intelligent, we will have to understand the meaning of intelligence.

Intelligence on the other side it is related to IQ it is a born thing. It depends on the IQ test. Intelligence is the capacity of a person. By acquiring the information and knowledge, by taking the test, we come to know that how intelligent he is. It is inherent, and it simply stems from your genetic makeup.

Smart is also used in sarcasm. We have smart like answers or we can be smart when we will be answering the questions or talking in a conversation by thinking.

Difference Between Smart Vs Intelligent

If we use smart with the noun it may change the meaning for example ‘You are looking smart’ and we often use a smart watch, smart mobile word. Why don’t we use intelligence? Do you know why? If you don’t know let me tell you. We made Machine and gave full instruction and information these make it smart.

If we ask questions from intelligent person and smart person, both of them will answer but intelligent will try to answer differently. Intelligent get the things fast than smart.

For suppose

  • Intelligent is memorizing lesson in Two days
  • Smart will memorize the lesson in 3 or 4 days

But smart can take a good decision than intelligent they have experience in social issues in it.

Intelligent can solve mathematical questions easily but smart will have to face difficulties.

In this way, we can also take smart that for suppose one has computers he is the owner of that company. He presents them in front of the audience in a good way. They will tell he is smart because. He presents them computers according to the environment.

Smart Vs Intelligent

When a person has completed his higher education and he wants to learn more so we refer him to go, intelligent person, because intelligent can easily teach than smart. Do you know why? Because, the thing which he wants to learn. Intelligent now good than smart and it is also related to his field.

Intelligent word is used after measuring the higher level of intellect. If one is intelligent we give higher compliments while telling others and when we tell them he is smart then they directly understand he is good at solving problems of the environment.

Able to acquire knowledge in practical situations.Able to get knowledge.
Can solve the environment problems.Cannot solve the problems of the environment properly.
Cannot be measured.Can be measured.
Smart people know the answer to the questions.Intelligent people know which question to ask.

I hope you all have to understand the difference between smart and intelligent.

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