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The Differences Between Do vs Does | What are Differences ?

History Of Do and Does

First of all the word “do” was taken from Latin word “dere” which means “to put” then Old High German word derived from it . Which changed into “tuon” which means “to do” then Old English derived this word. It changed into “don” which is similar to Old High German. Then Middle English Word took this word and it changed into “do” which we use in modern English the word “dere” was first used in the 12th century.

Different uses of “Do” in sentences

In the English language, Most of people are confused about where to use do and does. I will solve your confusion on this website. First of all, the thing is that the words “do” what is this? And what it means? It is a verb which means “To carry out, to bring about, to perform, to execute”. It is a transitive verb which needs direct subject and the object.

Do vs Does

For example

“You do exercise”. Here, “ You’’ is the subject and ‘’exercise’’ is the direct object Which demand What is to be done?

It is not only a verb but also an auxiliary verb. It gives more information about the verb and it is also used to emphasize the word.

For example 

“I do cook food”. Here do is being used for emphasize the sentence. It is also a helping word for example “I do not play cricket. It is also used in imperative sentences. But in negative sentences for example” do not play cricket”.

The verb forms of “do”

Present participlePastPast participleContinuous form

Where we see did in sentences, it is a past form of do.

How to use “do” and “does” in present simple tense?

These are used in Negative and Interrogative sentences. DO and does are depending on subject/pronoun­.

When to Use DO?

I, we, you, they and any two names with these pronouns, we use “do”’.

For example

I do not play HockeyDo I play Hockey?
I do not beat childrenDo I beat children?
We do not eat foodDo we eat food?
They do not memorize the lessonDo they memorize lessons?

When to Use DOES?

He, She, It, any singular name with these pronouns, we use “does”.

He does not bring foodDoes he bring food?
She does not kill SaraDoes she kill Sara?
Ali does not make tea for his fatherDoes Ali make tea for his father?
Sara does not pour water in the jugDoes Sara pour water in the jug?

With Wh-questions do, does

Wh-question is inquiring words. It is used to take information about a person, thing, place, and Quantity Typical wh-words are what, where, when, why, how, how many, how much, with whom, whose and which.

To create a wh-question, start with the wh-word. Then add dodoes according to Pronoun/ Subject. Than the subject (a person or thing that does the action), followed by the base form of the verb and then add the rest of the sentence.

Note: we cannot use do or does with who but in Negative we can use.

The word “Who” can be plural as well singular.

For example 

Who do not eat food (it is plural).

Who does not eat food (it is singular).


  • Why do you play Cricket?
  • How does he eat food?
  • How much water does Ali drink?
  • How many apples do we eat daily?
  • With whom does Ali go to the bazaar?
  • Whose bike does Ali steal?

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